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What is Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT)?

Drawing its history from the field of Medicine, Marriage and Family Therapy is a Social Science field that utilizes a systemic framework when working in the mental wellness sector. The unit of treatment is not just the individual, it is the set of relationships in which the individual is a part of.

Who is a Marriage and Family Therapist?

This is a mental health professional who has successfully graduated with an actual Masters or Doctoral degree in MFT from an accredited University.


Who do MFTs work with?

Due to its name people often get confused and think that MFT only works with marriage and families. No, MFTs work with all clients (Individuals, Couples, Children, Families, Groups) and also work in all organizations such as private practice, hospitals, schools, corporates and government.

The hallmark difference and what sets MFTs apart is in the how, they are specifically trained to work systemically and take a holistic approach to mental healthcare.

Benefits of Marriage & Family Therapy

Here’s a brief video that highlights the profound benefits of an MFT clinical or researcher is the right choice or why choosing MFT is a fulfilling career choice.

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