Patricia Arisi, MFT


Patricia Arisi is a Master of Arts graduate in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in Family Violence and Trauma. She runs her private practice Better Hearts Therapy, where she provides psychological support to individuals, couples, families and groups. She also works with corporates and organizations to provide care in the form of workshops, mental health talks and team building activities.

Arisi is the co-founder of The MFT Collective, a group private practice aimed at housing MFTs in Kenya to grow the profession and solidify our presence in the mental health space. As an MFT specialized in Trauma, Arisi aims to help individuals heal their traumas and live their best lives.

Her areas of work include medical trauma, relational trauma, loss, grief and maternal mental health. Her area of research is grief and its influence on emotional wellness. She has a special interest in maternal mental health and has a certificate in Perinatal mood and Anxiety Disorders: Components of care from Postpartum Support International and is one of the PSI coordinators in Kenya.

Arisi is a big believer in affirming self and creating a narrative that strengthens emotional wellness. She has created products to help with wellness these include coloring books with affirmations, affirmation calendars, planners, notebooks and affirmation tumblers. In her spare time, she will be dancing somewhere, enjoying a book or trying out different variations of chicken with friends and family.